Your new baby is one of the most incredible creations, and it’s your job to help give them the best start possible. Unfortunately, our beautiful earth’s resources are still being heavily polluted with chemicals, with many manufacturers and consumers unconcerned about the role these chemicals have to play in our delicate systems of health. A baby is even more sensitive than you are to the effects of these chemicals due to their delicate, thin skin, and internally through their brand new respiratory, endocrine and digestive systems – just as a start. So we encourage you to start thinking about more than just what they eat, but what they drink, wear, touch and breathe. That’s why choosing organic is vital.

When it comes to the toy and children’s product industries, plastic rules and has done for some time now. We are surrounded by brightly coloured, cheap plastic items that of course catch the eye and suit the bank balance. But the cost is far greater than to your wallet because most plastics are made using gas or oil – both carcinogens (cancer-causing). The chemicals used in the processes are nasty and there can be trace amounts of toxic chemicals, such as lead, mercury, phthalates, and even arsenic in the item your pride and joy is putting in their mouth. Even more concerning are the possible nasties involved in the finishing touches, such as paint. These kinds of toxins are stored in the body and can lead to endocrine disruptions and eventually health issues. Not all children’s products contain these chemicals, and you might not even be buying plastics – but even cotton-containing toys and products could have been created using cotton highly sprayed with pesticides and insecticides. Needless to say, it’s worth investigating and choosing wisely the kinds of things you surround your baby with.

So where do you start? Here are some key items where we recommend choosing organic is the best option from All Naturals