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About All Naturals Soaps

Made with care

All Naturals soaps are a combination of the best natural ingredients, expertise and years of experience. All Naturals soaps are made using a traditional and eco-friendly technique called Cold Process. This method means the goodness of the natural ingredients are preserved for you as much as possible. Good for you and for planet Earth.

All Naturals soaps rich lather creates the truly luxurious bathing experience where you feel its unique formula leaves your skin soft, moisturised, delicately caressed and beautifully replenished.

All Naturals soaps are tested and safety assessed.

All Naturals Soap Collection


Why we make all naturals soaps.

All Naturals Why Go for Natural

Somewhere along the way, companies discovered that synthetic chemicals could make our skin softer, our hair shinier,and our teeth whiter. In the excitement of the chemical boom of the 70’s we lost our way. We thought that labs could produce better ingredients than Mother Nature. We thought that government regulations would protect us and ensure that what was for sale in the marketplace had been tested for long term human health impacts. We were wrong. With over 90,000 chemicals in use in our industry today, only a fraction of them have been tested for long term effects.

We use a huge variety of cosmetics on our skin during the course of the day. Shower gel, face wash and body lotion in the morning, moisturiser and hand cream to protect during the day, through to oils in a relaxing evening bath. Have you ever stopped to wonder how many chemicals are contained in these products? Just as we are all now more aware of what we eat and how we grow our food, attention is turning to skincare products and more and more people are looking for natural alternatives to highly priced, highly perfumed, highly packaged store-bought product.

At All Naturals Cosmetics we believe that the Earth provides more than enough ingredients to give us beautiful and healthy skin for life. We believe that body care should provide more than a sweet-smelling experience; it should be beneficial to our health and our psychological well-being. We believe that parents deserve peace-of-mind when choosing products for their families.



Why All Naturals soap is different.

Why All Naturals Soap is different

The All Naturals range of sixteen soaps contains a unique blend of oils - mostly olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil, and rosa canina seed oil; also butters- shea butter and cocoa seed butter, refreshing essential oils, botanical extracts, carefully selected herbs, and scents. The All Naturals tested and gentle formulas lock in moisture to provide protection against dry skin, leaving it soft, smooth and clean.

All our soaps are free from detergents, preservatives, parabens, silicones, PEG’s Polyethylene Glycols, Petroleum Products, SLS Sulphates, Propylene and Alcohol. All Naturals soaps are ethically handmade in Nottingham in the United Kingdom, famous for leading the way in healthcare and beauty product innovation.

We use the traditional slow cold process method of production, which preserves the goodness of natural ingredients as much as possible. We do not use any soap noodles or soap bases, and all our products are tested and safety-assessed by a qualified professional. All Naturals soaps' rich lather creates the truly luxurious shower or bathing experience where you can feel its unique formula leaving your skin soft, delicately caressed and beautifully replenished.



What Is Our Company Ethos?

All Naturals company Ethos

Our purpose is to leave the Earth in better shape than it is today. All Naturals aim is to use nature’s ingredients to create products that are a pleasure to use and reflect our values encouraging sustainable living. We understand that future generations are counting on us to be stewards of the Earth.We need to provide them with a clean, safe and non-toxic world, where all can live in health and happiness.

All Naturals offers an authentic alternative to the many mass produced, chemical-based, detergent soap bars, shower gels on the market, better for our skin and for our planet.

We have developed our Sensitive Skin range to help anyone who lives with a chronic skin condition such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis and drying caused by diabetes. We offer Pure Baby Soap to clean and pamper very precious skin.

Great ingredients make great products. We set the highest standards for ourselves. We use only the finest herbal plant extracts and natural vitamins in all of our products. Each ingredient is tested to ensure it meets our high standards for purity and efficiency. All our products are creatively designed to work in harmony with nature. Our ingredients and packaging are biodegradable to minimise any environmental impact.  All Natural Cosmetics is a value-based organisation. We believe that a company should conduct business in an ethical and enlightened manner to be successful. 



The story behind All Naturals Soaps

All Naturals  lab

Julita Geary was born in 1973 and gained a PhD in Economics and Management. Julita had struggled and suffered with eczema most of her life. She had tried everything to relieve the symptoms, including products recommended by dermatologists. When Alexandra,  Julita's daughter was born, she also had eczema, but her symptoms were worse. 

Through careful research, Julita started to understand the harsh effects detergents, propylene glycol, parabens, hardening agents and sulphates, can have on the body. So she began using natural soaps made in her own kitchen and quickly saw how the combination of natural ingredients in her soaps made a tremendous difference to their skin.

In 2014, Julita decided to set up her own company, All Natural Cosmetics Ltd and started manufacturing in 2015. Based in Nottingham, the company draws from the rich heritage of healthcare and beauty-product innovation made famous by The Boots Company. Product development takes place in MediCity, the innovation hub at the heart of the Boots Enterprise Zone.

Julita is a keen gardener, and draws ideas and inspiration from her South Nottinghamshire home where she grows collection of roses and  dahlias also chamomiles, calendulas, lavenders and many more. She consults closely with support organisations such as the Society of Cosmetic Scientists, local Diabetes UK, National Eczema Society, Psoriasis Association UK group, and visits care homes as well as toddler groups to learn more about skin issues affecting all ages.

She is keen to support her local community and supplies All Naturals soaps to the local Food Bank as well as two Nottinghamshire Care Homes.

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