eczema treatment

Can you smell summer in the air? Knocking on our door we are longing for light and are ready to spend time outside where nature is waking up and everything is blooming. Sounds idyllic, am I right?


However there is another side of the coin for some of us. All this beautiful blossoming nature means pollen and other allergens in the air, which means these allergens get everywhere; in our hair, eyes, skin, clothes and on our pets. The best way to prevent itchy skin is to keep away from these allergens, but we all know that is nearly impossible.


So we have gathered 5 tips how to keep it under control as much as one can!


1. Most of us can't wait to go outside. We have a lovely and  hot summer this yearJ Not to worsen our allergy check the pollen level before leaving your house. Many forecasts provide the necessary information, bear in mind that dawn and dusk are high pollen risks. If you can avoid the high risk times of day - try and do so.


2. Leave your shoes and jackets by the door. Wash your clothes, scarves often so they do not to store allergens. This time particularly wash your bedding once a week to prevent any dust mites or other allergens cause you to feel uncomfortable even when you are sleeping. There are various pillow, duvet and matrasses covers. Do you have a pet that enjoys being outside? Brushing their fur frequently is a must as the pollen stays in their fur and they bring it inside your home.


3. Eat clean! Once spring arrives the human body, and there with your skin is naturally ready for detoxing from the winter. Add lots of green vegetables into your meals and do not hesitate to add fresh herbs such as parsley, mint, and nettle. Stay hydrated so the toxins can be rinsed out from your body.


4. Drink tea! Why don’t you try Nettle and Rooibos? The nettle tea is recommended as a part of detoxing and it is very often beneficial for people suffering for hayfever and eczema because of the antihistamine and anti-inflammatory qualities. Rooibos tea, besides having a calming effect and not containing caffeine can help with itchy kin, eczema and acne because of alpha hydroxyl acid, which is beneficial for your skin.


5. Stick with your cleansing routine. Cleanse your face after coming inside so the allergens won’t irritate it. Use All Natural Eczema Soap Olive Oil and Calendula for your face if it is itchy or red. It is a wonderful soap bar -extremely gentle formula with calendula extract and allantoin. It is excellent to calm your itchy eyelids and nose.

For those who suffer with itchy skin on the body we have our hero product Calming Skin Therapy  and .  Apply a generous amount to skin with fingerprints, massage in gently with a soothing circular motion and off you go - itch free!